Pros And Cons Of Having Windows On Walls That Meet

Whether you're planning a new home construction or a major remodel, the position of your windows will be an important topic to consider. One look that many homeowners favor is having windows on walls that meet at a 90-degree angle. Should you be seriously thinking about proceeding with this look, you'll want to speak to a window professional who can steer you toward the appropriate style of windows. You'll also want to weigh the pros and cons of this idea to ensure that you're confident as you move forward. Read More 

Investing In The Right Coffee Table

Adding furnishings to your home can help you create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. A coffee table can serve as an anchor piece that ties your living room together and becomes a focal point within the space. Selecting the right coffee table is critical when it comes to maintaining the cohesive nature of your interior design. Taking some important factors into consideration as you shop for a coffee table will help you pick out the piece of furniture best suited to meet your family's needs. Read More 

Not A Fan Of Seams? Consider One Of These Countertop Styles

Choosing laminate for your kitchen countertop is a decision that many homeowners make during renovations. There are plenty of benefits to laminate kitchen countertops — namely, the fact that they're affordable, are available in virtually every color you can contemplate, and are highly resistant to stains. One detrimental element of laminate countertops, however, is the fact that they can have seams — especially if they change direction, which is the case if you have an " Read More 

Taking an Upholstery Class? Better Stock Up on Clavos!

Taking an upholstery class is exciting. You not only learn how to upholster furniture (which is a very useful skill!), but you also get to reupholster something you own that has become tattered and unattractive. You should select your cloth and stock up on clavos now. Wait--you don't know what clavos are? Okay, so here is an explanation, as well how to choose the right clavos for your project. Clavos, or Decorative Nails Read More 

How To Prevent Lawn Damage Caused By Holiday Decorations

You may be spreading holiday cheer by adorning your lawn with decorations. But after the holidays are over, you may remove the decorations and see that you now have a spot of brown grass or a bare patch in your yard. Fortunately, you can still put out decorations without ruining your yard. Here are a few ways to prevent lawn damage that can be caused by holiday decorations.  Don't Place Heavy Decorations on Your Yard Read More