Loved One Moving To Texas? 3 Going-Away Gift Ideas They Will Want And Need

Today, more and more people are seeing the benefits of living in Texas. From the warm weather and beautiful landscape to a growing economy, it is easy to see how Texas's population grew to 28.3 million people in 2017. While moving is a part of life for many, watching a friend or family member move away can be difficult, especially if their new home state will be miles and miles away. Thankfully, you can bid them farewell by throwing them a loving going-away party that they will remember forever. To really show them how much you care and will miss them, here are a few gift ideas they will want and need in their new state of Texas.

Texas Wardrobe

If your friend is a fashionista, they may not need help with their wardrobe. However, if your friend is moving from the northern part of the country to this southwestern state, they need to learn how to dress for the Texas weather.

First and foremost, the weather in Texas varies depending on the actual location. Most of the western and southern parts of the state are hot and dry. If your friend is moving towards the Gulf Coast, they will be able to enjoy a little cooler weather

Freezing temperatures and wintry precipitation is not likely in the state, so your friend can leave behind the heavy winter coats and snow boots. To ensure they are prepared for the Texas heat, consider gifting them with a few tank tops, western sandals, and a stylish cowboy/cowgirl hat that will reduce the sun exposure on their face.

Texas Diet

Texas is known for its barbecue. As a matter of fact, there are many famous BBQ restaurants in the state. Many of these eateries have been featured on popular television shows.

Prepare your friend for this new way of eating in one or two ways. You can purchase gift certificates so they can dine in one or more of these restaurants. Or, you can purchase a few items to help them learn how to master the barbecue on their own.

A gift certificate for a cooking class, barbeque tool set, cookbooks by famous BBQ chefs, and even gift cards to a butcher are great ideas. Make sure to include a cutting board in the shape of Texas with your friend's initials to make the gift even more personable.

Texas Sights

Another interesting going-away gift idea is to purchase gift certificates to popular Texas attractions. By purchasing the gift certificates upfront, your friend will have no excuses for not taking a day here and there to explore the popular destinations in their new state.

Focus on destinations and hot spots that you know your friend will love. For example, if your friend is a fan of interior design, visiting Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, is a must. Opened by Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of the show Fixer Upper on HGTV, Magnolia Market features a beautiful shop filled with antiques and farmhouse décor, a bakery and restaurant, and even a bed and breakfast. A map and gift certificate so your friend can shop and dine at Magnolia Market will be a dream come true to your friend.

If your friend is more interested in historical sights, consider planning a weekend in San Antonio to visit the Alamo. After an educational tour through the Alamo, your friend can shop and dine along the famous Riverwalk.

No matter which area of Texas your friend is moving to, they will most likely fall in love with their new state. With Texas-themed gifts, you can give them a sendoff they will remember forever.