Three Signs Your Door Might Need To Be Replaced

When it comes to the entrances to your home, it is vital that all of your windows and doors are kept in a good condition to withstand the external elements that they face every day. From thrashing rain to strong winds and even clumsy adults accidentally leaning onto them from awkward angles, your windows and doors face a lot of pressure. While it may be easy to spot when you need a window replacement, it is less obvious when the same thing needs to happen with your doors. Here are a few ways you can tell you need a door replacement:


Something that will seem almost imperceptible at first but will later grow to be quite annoying is a sagging door. The best way to tell if your door is sagging or not is to put your head on the ground and look at the base of the door from this angle. If you can see a slight lean towards the floor, then you will want to consider calling for a door replacement. This is only going to get worse as time goes by, and it will eventually start scraping along the floor and potentially scratching it, costing you more money.


A lot of older homes have wooden doors because they look great, are quite strong, and give a more natural feeling to the entrance of your home. The problem is that a lot of older wooden doors are actually infested with rot and mildew that can be hard to see due to the finish painted over the top. One way to tell that your door has rot is by the smell, as well as the texture. Sometimes you can feel the door becoming more spongey to the touch. If you notice any kind of pattern on your door that looks like small black dots, call for a repair or it could spread to the rest of your house.


If you have a metal door then you won't be worried about rot but what you should be concerned about is the material warping. This can happen over the course of many years in the sun and exposure to constant fluctuations in temperature. You can tell it has occurred because the door no longer sits properly in its frame and it has odd angles to it that you do not remember. Once a metal door has started to warp, there is no real way to turn it around and a replacement should be ordered.

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