5 Key Elements to Include in Your First Adult Bedroom

As a young, single adult heads off to start their own home, they have an almost infinite choice of how to decorate it. And one of the key parts of that home will be the bedroom. While not the most visible part of any home, this space is one that will see some of the highest amounts of use.

So, what should you include in your decorating plans for your first bedroom in your own home? Here are five key elements. 

1. Functionality

First and foremost, the bedroom needs to be a functional room you can use efficiently and comfortably. The bed, for instance, shouldn't be so large that you can't comfortably move around, open all drawers and doors, and have a clear path. While you do want to have fun, don't sacrifice the purpose of the room. 

2. Luxury

Your bedroom should be a haven from the world. Whatever your budget, look for at least a few ways to add luxurious elements. This might mean buying a queen size bed instead of a double or it might simply mean springing for extra-soft sheets and comforter. Look for luxuries that you would provide the biggest 'bang' for your own buck, depending on your interests. 

3. Fun

This is your first home, so have fun with it! Just because you have graduated to being a fully independent adult doesn't mean you have to create a staid, boring space. Spice up your room with a bold color scheme, eclectic light fixtures, a unique vintage chest, or a giant playhouse for your cats. Make this room something that brings a smile to your face when entering. 

4. Simplicity

Young adults tend to be a busy bunch, so don't overstuff your bedroom so that it's difficult to care for. This space should add to your enjoyment of downtime rather than filling it with work. Put a limit on furnishings and opt for low-maintenance choices. Carefully consider which decor items you choose so that you can clean everything easily and simply. 

5. Personality

Every bedroom should reflect the personality of its owner. Even with the most basic of bedroom sets, you can add your own touches. Try a mix-and-match approach. Turn an unexpected item into something new, such as an antique writing desk into a vanity. Start your own art collection. Or hand-paint a mural on the wall. A few personal decor touches will make the space feel like your own. 

If you look for these five features, your bedroom will become one of your favorite parts of the home — no matter what your budget or space limits. Start today by researching all your options at a bedroom furniture supplier near you.