3 Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Sofa When You’re Worried About Cleaning Issues

When you've made the decision to refresh your home with a new sofa, it could be due to your existing sofa being in bad condition or simply not being the style that you like anymore. However, you may be concerned about your new sofa's durability due to how dirty it can become over the years. There are several things that you could focus on to make sure that the sofa you select is going to be easy to clean and look its best with the regular wear that you can expect in your home.

Look for Washable Covers

The first thing you should look for when you've decided to replace the sofa is seeing if all of the covers are washable. Being able to unzip some of the sofa covers and throw them in the washing machine and dryer can make a big difference in how happy you are with the condition of your sofa and how quick it can be to clean.

Rather than spot-treating sofa covers, being able to throw everything into the wash can speed up the process and ensure that your sofa will be cleaner at any point. Washable covers can also mean less spot-treating and an easy way to refresh them regarding removing any odors.

Avoid Light-Colored Fabric

Along with selecting a sofa that's easy to clean, it's smart to pay attention to just what kind of fabric will be easiest to disguise messes. Avoiding fabrics that are too light in color is a smart decision since it will reduce just how much your sofa shows wear and tear.

With darker-colored fabrics, there won't be any concern over your sofa looking dirty, and you can be sure it will look nice even months and years down the line.

Consider Your Specific Needs

While looking into the colors and ease of cleaning different kinds of sofas, it's smart to also take a look at what your specific needs are. If you have pets or children, for example, it's better to select the fabric that is more durable and won't show issues such as pet hair or small marks that pet nails can make.

Selecting a durable sofa can take some time when visiting a furniture store, but these tips can help a lot with making sure that you choose a sofa that's going to look its best after you brought it home and lived with it for a while.