Tips For Weed Control

Nothing can ruin a beautiful garden or landscape faster than a bunch of weeds. If your property has become overrun with these annoyances, you'll obviously want to take steps to regain control. To that end, here are some tips that can help you root weeds out and keep them out for good.

Weeds Are Everywhere

The first thing you need to realize is that most of your soil likely has seeds in it that can lead to weeds. Many of these seeds are dormant, but they can be awakened when given some sunlight and fresh air. For that reason, don't go randomly digging in your yard while landscaping until you are sure you want to cultivate a specific area. Digging up and leaving a patch of dirt somewhere will just encourage weed growth.

Cut It Out

If you see a weed-like flower like the dandelion starting to spread, it's time to grab something sharp. Get yourself a steak knife or an equally sharp gardening tool and go to work, trimming each weed you find right at the bottom in order to pull it out by its root. Removing the root of the weed will permanently prevent it from growing back.

Mulch It Up

As for the areas where you have freshly turned dirt, mulch is your new best friend. Basically, any area of your landscaping that doesn't have flowers or a tree or bush planted in it should be covered in mulch. This isn't just for looks, as the mulch will block the sun and air from getting to the freshly dug dirt and prevent weeds from growing.

Contact a Professional Weed Sprayer

What do you do if your landscape or garden is already overrun with weeds? Manually cutting every single weed out at its root might take you hours, not to mention the pain it might cause your back as you stoop over all day long.

For best results, contact a weed spraying contractor. A weed sprayer will unleash a special chemical that will kill existing weeds and also prevent new weeds from forming. You can sit back and relax while someone else takes care of the problem for you.

If your property is overrun with weeds, do what you can to take back control by cutting out weeds at the root and covering up any fresh spots of dirt with mulch or some other type of seed. Contact a local weed spraying company today for best results. You can also check out a website like today to learn more.