Gutter Cleaning For Structural Integrity

Your home is made up of many systems and components that work together to preserve the structural integrity of the building itself. Some of the components that homeowners can overlook when it comes to routine maintenance are rain gutters.

These seemingly simple elements are designed to play an integral role in protecting your home against water damage. Dirty gutters can leave you with serious structural problems, so it's best to clean out your rain gutters on a regular basis.

1. Roof Damage

One of the primary areas affected by dirty rain gutters is your roof. Dirt and debris that builds up within your rain gutters can cause water to pool on the surface of your roof. This pooling water can cause significant deterioration of your shingles and other roofing materials, resulting in the need for material replacement sooner than expected.

Clogged rain gutters can be a serious problem in the wintertime, when ice dams can form when water pools on the roof. Ice dams can cause your roof to leak, compromising the structural stability of your home. Clean rain gutters can help prevent roofing problems from plaguing your home in the future.

2. Foundation Damage

Another area that can be negatively affected by dirty rain gutters is your home's foundation. A strong foundation is needed to support the weight of your home.

Water cannot drain properly when gutters are dirty. Instead of moving toward downspouts and being funneled safely away from your foundation, water will start to pool and overflow. The water coming over the sides of the rain gutter will fall directly onto your home's foundation. 

Most foundations are made from concrete, which is a porous material. Water can seep into the pores of concrete and cause serious damage as it freezes and thaws. Clean your rain gutters often to preserve the integrity of your foundation.

3. Mold

Your home's building envelope is designed to eliminate water infiltration. When dirty rain gutters cause pooling water to overwhelm your roofing materials, the likelihood of leaks developing is high. Water that saturates your roofing materials and infiltrates the wood used to frame your home can contribute to the development of mold.

Some forms of mold could be dangerous to your family, while others just weaken the surfaces on which they are growing. Clean rain gutters will help ensure proper drainage so that you can avoid dealing with mold damage in the future. Contact a company, like Mile High Seamless Gutters, for more help.