Three Must-Have Fixtures For Heavily Used Home Kitchens

Do you actually enjoy cooking from scratch but find yourself avoiding doing so because of conditions in your kitchen? If you're tired of trying to put together meals in a substandard kitchen or going to restaurants more than you really want to because cooking from scratch in your kitchen is just unpleasant, it may be time to consider a kitchen remodel. Naturally, you'll want to optimize counter and cabinet space as well as add task lighting over workspaces such as sinks, stoves, and counters, but there are other fixtures that can also make a big difference to those planning on using their kitchen more heavily — following are three of them. 

Cork Floors

No matter how much you love to cook, it can quickly become a tedious chore once your feet start to hurt and your legs begin aching from standing too long. Because cork is a soft, pliable material, the addition of cork flooring helps keep this from happening. Cork is also an extremely low maintenance material that can be easily kept looking its best by simply sweeping it clean and going over it with a damp mop. Cork's non-slippery properties also make it a good choice for the kitchen. It's also highly durable as well as eco-friendly. 

A Double Sink

Double sinks were more commonly found in homes before automatic dishwashers became standard fixtures, which is a shame because they've got many other uses besides washing dishes. For instance, placing something in the sink is a really handy way to defrost fish, poultry, or beef, but doing so can leave you without a sink for several hours or longer unless you've got a double sink. Having a double sink lets you carry on with other activities such as rinsing vegetables and peeling potatoes and apples. Doubles inks are also invaluable when it comes to scrubbing out pots and pans and soaking dishes before they're places in the dishwasher. 

Granite Countertops 

Granite is a natural product with a very hard surface that's almost impossible to scratch. Besides providing significant aesthetic value to kitchens, granite countertops also provide a great surface for rolling out pie dough or kneading bread because it doesn't absorb heat, which can cause bread and pastry made with leavening agents such as yeast and baking powder to fall completely flat. Granite is also almost impossible to burn, so you won't be left with scorch marks if you set a hot pan down on the counter. As an added bonus, granite countertops are almost impossible to stain — you can even spill red wine on them with no adverse effect.