How To Prevent Lawn Damage Caused By Holiday Decorations

You may be spreading holiday cheer by adorning your lawn with decorations. But after the holidays are over, you may remove the decorations and see that you now have a spot of brown grass or a bare patch in your yard. Fortunately, you can still put out decorations without ruining your yard. Here are a few ways to prevent lawn damage that can be caused by holiday decorations. 

Don't Place Heavy Decorations on Your Yard

There is a reason why inflatables are so popular with homeowners. They are lightweight. These types of decorations do much less damage to your yard than decorations that are heavy and push on the grass and soil. If you want to decorate your yard for the holidays, but do not want to risk damage to the grass, stick to light decorations, such as holiday lights and inflatables. 

Switch Up Where Your Decorations Are Placed

Even if you use lightweight decorations, you should take the time to switch up where they are in your yard every week or two. Think about what happens when you place a small kid pool in your backyard in the summer. A brown circle of dead grass develops underneath quickly. The same is true with any type of holiday decoration. Moving the decoration forward or backward in your yard may seem like a hassle, but it helps to prevent one area from becoming heavily damaged due to the lack of sunlight and air. 

Use Timers for Your Decorations

Setting your decorations up on a timer system may sound like it is strictly for convenience. Every day, your inflatables, lights and lawn decorations go on at the time you specify. But while this is indeed a convenience, it is also a great idea for those looking to minimize damage to their yard because of decorations. One of the reasons why your yard can get torn up during the holiday season is because you are walking all over the wet or soggy grass to plug your lights and decorations in and then unplug them day in and day out. This foot traffic can tear up your yard. Setting your lights and decorations up on a timer minimizes how much walking is done on the lawn, helping it to remain healthy. 

Knowing how to prevent lawn damage can help ensure that you do not damage your lawn with the holiday decorations you use. But, if it is too late and the damage is done, contact a lawn care specialist. They can help you determine whether seeding over the area when it starts to warm up or laying new sod will be the best option for your yard, based on its condition and how extensive the damage is. Contact a service, like Raleigh Lawns, for more help.