Just Bought A Small Property To Run A Retail Shop? Add Greenery By Planting A Few Trees

When you buy a house, you expect to see a front yard and backyard that has some greenery. But, a small property that you will use to run a retail shop may not come with any greenery. It is possible to set up the shop and open it up to customers without any grass, plants, or trees, but it is worthwhile to invest in having a professional tree service like Able Scape, Inc plant a few trees on the property.

Make Room in the Ground

The property may include a building, parking lot, and a lot of concrete. This means that you will not be able to start growing trees without putting them in a planter. Since this is not an ideal long-term option, you will want to make room in the ground by removing some concrete.

A tree company may have experience with preparing this kind of space for growing trees. But, if they do not, they can get help from and work alongside other professionals for this project. This will keep you from having to worry about hiring multiple companies to get a few trees planted.

Avoid Root Problems

It is important to avoid root problems, which could easily become an issue on a retail property. In a large backyard, just about any tree will have room for its roots to grow and expand. But, the roots will run into the concrete on this kind of property, which will cause multiple problems. Tree growth is likely to stunt or slow down, and the concrete could be damaged in the process.

A tree company will help you pick trees that are not known for having root issues. This also makes it so that the trees planted have a great chance of thriving for many years with proper care.

Minimize Water Needs

Watering trees is not a hard task when you do it manually. Setting up an irrigation system is an extensive project when you just want a few trees spread around the property. So, an ideal alternative is to find trees that will not need much upkeep in terms of watering. Most native trees should suffice, but a professional can help you choose ones that are drought-resistant.

Adding color, clean air, and familiarity of landscape to your retail shop will help it succeed. Hiring a tree service company is the best way to go about adding trees to a piece of land without dirt.