Need A New Home Desk? Three Reasons To Consider A Standing Desk

If the time has come to purchase a new desk for your home office, you might be overwhelmed by your many choices. However, you can narrow down your options by focusing on one major type of desk: standing desks. Here are three reasons to strongly consider a standing desk for your home office:

You spend enough time sitting at home already.

Chances are you spend a lot of time sitting on the couch and watching television, sitting at the kitchen table, and perhaps even sitting on your patio. What you really need in a desk is not another place to sit--but a place to get work done.

If you opt for a standing desk, you will have that place to get work done, but you will be able to do that work without spending even more time sitting around. This is important since sitting too much is not great for your health. The more you sit, the more your risk of ailments like obesity and heart disease increases. With a standing desk, you'll spend less time sitting, and your health will improve. If you really want to sit, you have other places to sit in your home. 

You may be more productive when you're standing.

You probably don't want to spend more hours than necessary working at home when you could be enjoying time with your family. The faster you get your work done, the better. The good news is that with a standing desk, you will probably be more productive. When you're standing, you can't zone out and nearly fall asleep like when you're sitting. Standing keeps your heart rate a bit higher and helps you stay focused, so you can work more efficiently.

A standing desk makes it easier to come and go.

When you're working at home, you're probably also juggling other activities, like doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning. You might spend some time at your desk, leave to go do something else, and then come back. Having to push a chair out and sit down again each time you leave takes a lot of time. It's easier to come and go from a standing desk, as there is nothing to move. You can bounce between work and chores a lot easier.

Focus your new-desk search on standing desks. It may take a week or two to get used to standing and working, but you'll soon enjoy the benefits above. To learn more about your options, visit sites like