Six Strategies To Spruce-Up The Looks Of Your Pond

If you have a pond on your property, natural or man-made, give it a fresh face for summer. A pond can be the perfect spot to sit and reflect, drink coffee in the morning, or unwind at night, but there are some ways that you can make it even more of a focal point and spectacle in your yard.

Six ways to bring new life to your pond are:

1.Install a fountain. An easy and amazing way to enhance your pond is by adding fountains. These can be generated by electricity or solar power, and they can bring a fresh focal point to your yard. These water features are easy to maintain, requiring sporadic cleaning, and quite soothing to watch.

2.Plant a living border. Plant a living border around the edge of your pond; this also can help camouflage the lip of a pond insert, if you are using a liner. Go for natural, native plants that can sustain themselves in the climate of your environment. Talk with landscape professionals for more information about which plants will thrive in your hardiness zone.

3.Float some plants. Another idea that brings a natural element to your pond is to use floating plants. Depending on the depth of your pond, some great options include water hyacinth, water lilies, duckweed, cattails, and mosquito ferns. Visit garden centers or online retailers to find out more about the best floating flora for your distinct pond.

4.Welcome wildlife. If you really want to make your pond something special, invest in luring some wildlife to your pond. You can encourage frogs, stock fish, or gently goad birds to come by leaving food, creating nests, and welcoming them to visit your pond.

5.Raise a birdbath. Another neat idea is to install a raised birdbath in the center of your pond; naturally, this is only feasible when your pond is four-feet deep or shallower. Install a pole to serve as the base, and enjoy watching birds visit and fly above the water.

6.Add ample seating. Make hanging-out by your pond more comfortable by adding seating around the edge. You can create a bench, much like you would for a deck, of simple wooden seats that surrounds the pond area, or you can invest in an outdoor sectional seating arrangement to position and place as you wish. Keep in mind that constructing seating could be permanent, so talk with contractors about your options first.

Create a special spot on your property by refurbishing and sprucing-up your pond. Use these strategies to make your pond look even better, and to enhance your overall curb appeal. Check out sites like for more information.