Don’t Own Wind Chimes? 3 Benefits Of These Natural Music-Makers You May Be Missing Out On

If you are like many people, then you have heard of wind chimes and know that they make beautiful music when a light wind breeze hits them, but you may not realize that they have many other benefits aside from their natural melodies. Not only do they have several other more practical uses, but also throughout history, many cultures have believed in their mystical powers and many still believe in them today. 

Read on to learn about three wind chime benefits and beliefs, and you may be inspired to purchase a set to hang around your home, so you can reap their benefits, too. 

1. They Can Be Used to Lure Birds to Your Home or Scare Them Off

Whether you love the presence of birds in your yard or you are not fond of them and would like to lessen the number that visit you, you can use wind chimes to help you control your home's bird population. 

Birds have an amazingly keen sense of hearing for their small size, and they use this sense to both locate resources they need to survive, such as water, and listen for the presence of predators. 

If you love birds and would love more of them in your yard, then a set of wind chimes that produces a relatively quiet melody will help lure them to your yard; when they hear very quiet sounds, they can't help but attempt to move closer to the source of it due to their intense curiosity of noises. 

If you notice the presence of more birds in your yard then you would like, then choose a set of wind chimes that produces louder music. While birds are attracted to quiet, mysterious noises, they often become frightened of new loud noises and will work to move far away from them. 

2. They Can Attract Good Fortune to Your Life According to Traditional Chinese Feng Shui

If you believe and practice traditional Chinese Feng shui or have considered trying it, then it is important to know that wind chimes are considered one of the most powerful tools you can use to attract good fortune according to Feng shui tradition. However, you must choose your wind chimes carefully and place them in the right location in order to attract the positive energy that you need to attract the positive change you would like to create in your life. 

If you would like to attract new career opportunities into your life, then you should hang a set of six-rod metal wind chimes or bell wind chimes outside the north-facing side of your home. To attract money into your life, hang a set of three-rod bamboo or wood wind chimes outside the southeast corner of your home. To encourage a close-knit, healthy family, hang a set of three-rod bamboo or wooden wind chimes outside the east-facing side of your home. 

Whether you currently believe in Feng shui or not, it couldn't hurt to use a set to see if it helps you achieve a goal in life that you have had trouble achieving. 

3. The Sound of Wind Chimes Can Help You Relax Naturally

If you are like many people today, you are living a busy life and constantly on-the-go. While a busy lifestyle does have its rewards, it can come with the unwanted side effect of increased stress levels and even insomnia. Like many others, you may also find the sound of rain relaxing; the sound is so great at reducing stress levels that many people listen to digital recordings of rain sounds to relax themselves to sleep. 

If you find the sound of rain relaxing, then may wait patiently for the rain to start drizzling after the wind picks up slightly, as it tends to do right before a rainstorm. You can stop waiting for the rain to start relaxing you after you install a set of wind chimes around your home; the quiet melody of a set of wind chimes is also very relaxing for many people, and after you install a set at your home, you can listen to them, relax, and unwind any time a gentle breeze blows against them, such as right before it rains. 

If you don't have a set of wind chimes hanging around your home, then you may not realize that you are not just missing out on beautiful music, but also these three wind chime benefits. For more information about chimes and rain chains, contact a local store.