4 Tips For Keeping Bugs Away From Your Outdoor Light Fixtures

Your outdoor light fixtures are great for adding a touch of decor to the outside of your home and providing necessary lighting for convenience, comfort, and safety when you're hanging out outside or entering or exiting your home in the dark. Unfortunately, though, they can also be great at attracting all sorts of insects. Even though insects can be drawn to the light, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent bugs from flying around your outdoor light fixtures.

1. Use "Bug Lights"

If you take a look at the light bulbs that are available at your local home improvement store, you're sure to see a range of options. Some light bulbs -- which are standard-sized and are designed to work in traditional light fixtures just as any other light bulb would -- are even designed to help prevent bug-related problems. For example, there are yellow light bulbs that are often known as "bug lights" that are designed so that they will not attract bugs as much as clear or white light bulbs do. This type of light bulb can have a bit of a yellow tinge to it when the light is turned on, and you might find that it's not quite as bright as a clear or white light bulb, but it can be worth it so that you can avoid attracting various insects.

2. Turn on the Fan

Even though this might not be practical for some outdoor lights, if you have a ceiling fan nearby -- such as if you have one installed on your covered porch -- then turning the fan on can be a good way to keep flying insects at bay. Plus, you might find that the slight breeze makes hanging out on your porch a lot more comfortable on a hot summer day.

3. Turn the Light Off

When you aren't using your outdoor wall lighting fixtures, make sure that you turn them off. If they are left on overnight, for example, you might find that they are swarming with bugs. Turning off your lights when you aren't using them is a good way to conserve energy as well.

4. Use Citronella

When you are spending time outdoors near your light fixtures, consider lighting a tiki torch that has been filled with citronella fluid, or light a citronella candle. Along with adding to the mood and providing supplemental lighting, this can also help keep insects away.

Hanging out outdoors can become a bit of a pain when you have to deal with insects gathering around your outdoor light fixtures. However, if you follow some or all four of these tips, you might find that this is not that big of an issue. This can make spending time outdoors a lot more pleasant and can help prevent bugs from flying into your home when you open and close your exterior doors.