Sculptural Wall Art For Your Residence Or Garden

Wall art can add dimension and interest to the walls of your residence and garden. You can create and/or install one-of-a-kind wall art made of many different materials and sizes. Wall art can be sculptural or non-sculptural, colorful or monochrome. Here are some unique wall art pieces that you can install in your residence that you will not see anywhere else:

Sculptural Metal Art:  Wall designs made of shaped wrought Iron or steel rods can be very elegant when framed or unframed and hung together. These graphic designs can be abstract or representational. Wrought iron rods can be welded together to form large metal designs that cast shadows in changing light conditions. Interesting designs can also be carved out of flat metal sheets and finished with a brushed texture. These graphic metal pieces can be hung on interior walls or garden walls with equal effect. 

Sculptural Wood Art:  Unique wall art can be made of tree branches and twigs that are tied together to form shapes and designs that mimic landscapes and other designs in nature. Sculptural wood wall art can also be made of standard-sized lumber pieces that create vertical and horizontal shapes. Wood wall art can be left to age naturally or stained with a wood stain. 

Sculptural Ceramic Tiles:  You can hang multiple colored and shaped ceramic tiles together to create three-dimensional wall art. These ceramic tiles can be made in different sizes and shapes for a very organic look and feel. Ceramic tiles are three-dimensional and catch the light from different sources to cast interesting shadows. Ceramic wall tiles can be glazed or unglazed, smooth or heavily textured. Ceramic wall tiles do not have to be joined together but can hang side-by-side. Ceramic wall tiles are very effective when the designs and colors on the tiles are continuous from tile to tile. Ceramic wall tiles are impervious to weather so they can be hung outdoors as well as on interior walls. 

Murals:  Murals can be painted directly on the walls of an interior living space to create one-of-a-kind wall art. These murals can depict representational objects and landscapes, or abstract shapes, forms, colors, lines, and movement. Wall murals can be painted from the floor to the ceiling and even travel across the ceiling. Original murals can be elegant and exclusive when painted on your residential interior walls. 

Paintings:  Multiple oil, acrylic, or watercolor paintings can be hung together on an interior wall to create a continuous design that travels from one painting to the next. These paintings are especially effective when each painting is a different shape and size and they are hung very closely together. 

When choosing wall art for your home observe how the sunlight enters the room during different times of the day and different seasons of the year. Take these changing lighting conditions into consideration when you chose the materials and sizes of your wall art. With well-chosen wall art, you will always have something interesting to look at in your residence.