Protection And Privacy During Storms And Other Occasions

Was last hurricane season stressful for you and was your home damaged due to not having barriers in place that added a layer of protection? When high winds and driving downpours come into play, single-paned glass is in danger of cracking meaning excessive water could leak into your home. Accordion shutters will provide a viable solution to the threat of damage. Shutters can be closed and secured quickly, and will block the elements from causing damage.

Why You should Use According Shutters In A Storm

Accordion shutters are constructed of an aluminum alloy and have an enamel finish baked onto their surface. Each shutter contains folds and can be secured along the side of a window. When you would like to cover a glass pane, simply release the locking mechanisms and pull the material across the window. Once the aluminum alloy sections are flush with the glass pane, secure the locks. Your window is safe and protected.

Choose an accordion style that will be complementary to the brickwork, siding, or paint that is part of your home's exterior, so you can be protected in style. Because a shutter will lay flat and will contain a rain guard, moisture buildup won't pose a risk of damaging a shutter or allowing water to seep through the barrier. After a storm has passed, you can use a water hose to rinse debris from each shutter prior to folding the shutters back up to keep them clean.

Appreciate The Extra Protection And Privacy

You will have peace of mind whenever a storm rolls through and won't be sidetracked by all of the action that is taking place in your backyard, since the shutters will block you and your family from seeing outdoors. If the sight of limbs bending and leaves moving had your young children concerned last year, you will be able to take your children's minds off of a hurricane, just by having the shutters secured over each window.

In addition to providing your home with protection during storms, the shutters may prove to be useful on other occasions. If the hot, sunny weather has got you down and you are constantly turning up the air conditioning, close the shutters to help keep the inside of your home cool. Reduced sunlight will aid in keeping the indoor temperature at a consistent level.

Also, if you don't want anyone to peer into your home when you are away on vacation, consider using the shutters during these times. Accordion storm shutters can deter theft, since people who pass by will not be certain that noone is home.