Composite Decking — Is It What You Need To Refinish Your Deck?

Are you considering having your deck refinished? Are you on the fence about what method to use to refinish your deck? Before you make any decisions, stop and think about all of the things that you didn't like about it how it is today. Here you'll find a few reasons that composite decking may be the solution to your decking problems. Avoids Moss and Algae Growth                                  Your wood decking probably had at least one area where it didn't get enough sun to dry it out completely after each rain. Read More 

4 Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

Heating is something you might not think about for most of the year. It's easy to forget about until you need it, but installing a new residential heating system now can save you from having to scramble once the cold arrives. Here are four effective ways to keep warm this winter: 1. Forced Air Heating Forced air heating is similar to central heating. Like central AC, it directs conditioned air to all the rooms of your house using ducts hidden within your walls. Read More 

Tips For Weed Control

Nothing can ruin a beautiful garden or landscape faster than a bunch of weeds. If your property has become overrun with these annoyances, you'll obviously want to take steps to regain control. To that end, here are some tips that can help you root weeds out and keep them out for good. Weeds Are Everywhere The first thing you need to realize is that most of your soil likely has seeds in it that can lead to weeds. Read More 

Gutter Cleaning For Structural Integrity

Your home is made up of many systems and components that work together to preserve the structural integrity of the building itself. Some of the components that homeowners can overlook when it comes to routine maintenance are rain gutters. These seemingly simple elements are designed to play an integral role in protecting your home against water damage. Dirty gutters can leave you with serious structural problems, so it's best to clean out your rain gutters on a regular basis. Read More 

Oh, Rats! Do You Have Rodents In Your House?

Throughout the fall and winter seasons, it is very common to catch sight of mice and rats in your home. Why? Well, these little creatures are trying to find somewhere warm to hide out as well as some food, and what better place than your home? You may be wondering how these unwanted visitors got into your home in the first place, but it only takes a hole as little as a dime for them to get into your home! Read More