Why You Might Prefer A Stand-Up Freezer Over A Chest Model

If your refrigerator doesn't provide you with enough freezer space, it could be time to buy a standalone freezer. Two popular freezer styles include chest and stand-up. Here's why you might prefer buying a stand-up freezer, and some things to consider when choosing your new appliance. Why A Stand-Up Freezer Is A Good Choice You might prefer a stand-up freezer because it takes up less floor space. A chest freezer is horizontal and has a door on the top that lifts up. Read More 

5 Key Elements to Include in Your First Adult Bedroom

As a young, single adult heads off to start their own home, they have an almost infinite choice of how to decorate it. And one of the key parts of that home will be the bedroom. While not the most visible part of any home, this space is one that will see some of the highest amounts of use. So, what should you include in your decorating plans for your first bedroom in your own home? Read More 

3 Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Sofa When You’re Worried About Cleaning Issues

When you've made the decision to refresh your home with a new sofa, it could be due to your existing sofa being in bad condition or simply not being the style that you like anymore. However, you may be concerned about your new sofa's durability due to how dirty it can become over the years. There are several things that you could focus on to make sure that the sofa you select is going to be easy to clean and look its best with the regular wear that you can expect in your home. Read More 

How To Install A Whole House Fan

If you want an alternative to central air, consider installing a whole house fan. A whole house fan circulates hot air outside to the attic, while keeping cool air inside.  A whole house fan commonly runs on two speeds, which only opens the louvers while the fan is operating. Preventing the warm air from getting back into the house. It is possible to install the fan yourself by following these tips. Read More