Window Blind Installation: Modern Updates On Classic Blinds

One of the most cost-effective and functional home improvements you can make is having new window blinds installed in your home, apartment, or business.

Here are some modern twists on classic window blind ideas.

Smarter Mini Blinds

One- and two-inch mini blinds have a classic elegance that never seems to go out of style.


Classic mini blinds can be installed with smart technology that can lower your energy bills and anticipate your needs. These smart mini blinds look just like normal mini blinds, but they come equipped with a small motor mounted in the headrail. To avoid unsightly and costly installation of electrical wires, these motors are almost always solar-powered.

Once they are installed, you can control and program your blinds with a smartphone, tablet, or computer. For instance, during the winter, you might program the blinds on your south-facing windows to open from sunrise to sunset, which will allow the sun to naturally help heat your home. Some window blinds can even be synced with your home's smart thermostat. You can also automate the blinds to respond to your daily routines. Thus, if you wake up around seven on the weekdays but sleep in until around nine on the weekends, your blinds can be automated to anticipate your sleep schedule.

Layered Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are perfect for large windows, patio screens, and recessed windows.


Although roller blinds aren't revolutionary, the fabrics and materials used in modern roller blinds can be layered for a variety of functions. One of the biggest trends in roller blinds is to layer the blind material the way you might with clothing. For instance, you might have a sheer, lightweight, layer to give you some privacy while also allowing in a nice breeze and/or natural light. You might have a medium layer to provide some insulation when you're trying to maintain the temperature inside. You might have a thick layer for when you want to shut the outside, out completely.

These layered roller blinds have independently mounted spring-loaded rollers that make it easy to raise and lower your roller blinds. You can also pair multiple layers for different situations. Before choosing layered roller blinds, make sure that your window blind installation professional allows you to sample multiple layering material options. You might find that you want different layer schemes and/or materials for different windows and spaces in your home, business, or apartment.

Contact a contractor that performs window blind installation in your area for more information.