Is Your Toddler Ready To Leave The Crib? Why They Should Transition To A Twin-Sized Bed

If the time has come to transition your child from their crib, you may have decided on a toddler bed. While toddler beds do work well for some children, a lot can be said for transitioning them right to a twin-sized bed. Many people transition their toddlers to a toddler bed so that they can continue to use the same mattress for a while longer. However, that might not be the best option for your child. Here are just four of the many great reasons why your child should transition from a crib directly to a twin-sized bed. 

They're Potty Trained

If your toddler is potty trained and they stay dry throughout the night, they may be better off with a twin-sized bed. Toddler beds are great transition beds for children who haven't been completely potty trained. That's because the waterproof cover will prevent stains and odors. However, if your child is able to stay dry through the night, you can safely transition them to a regular bed without the worry of stains and odors. 

They Sleep Through the Night

If your toddler sleeps through the night, you might want to transition them directly to a twin-sized bed. Children who wake up during the night may become confused when climbing out of a standard bed, which can lead to injuries or insecurities. For maximum protection and security, use a toddler bed until your child can sleep through the night. However, if your child is able to sleep through the night, a twin-sized bed may be the best option for them. 

They've Outgrown the Crib Mattress

If your toddler needs to transition to another bed and they've outgrown their crib mattress, don't transition them to a toddler bed. The crib mattress won't provide them with the space they need to stretch out and get a good night's rest. Instead, transition them directly to a twin-sized bed. That way, they'll have all the room they'll need to move around comfortably throughout the night. 

They've Asked for a Bigger Bed

If your toddler is ready to leave the crib and they've asked for a big-kid bed, resist the urge to transition to a toddler bed. This is particularly important if your toddler has older siblings. They're probably familiar with the larger beds and would feel more grown-up if allowed to have a twin-sized bed. 

If it's time to move your toddler out of their crib, and if they fit into the categories described above, visit a mattress shop and choose a twin mattress for them.