Composite Decking — Is It What You Need To Refinish Your Deck?

Are you considering having your deck refinished? Are you on the fence about what method to use to refinish your deck? Before you make any decisions, stop and think about all of the things that you didn't like about it how it is today. Here you'll find a few reasons that composite decking may be the solution to your decking problems.

Avoids Moss and Algae Growth                                 

Your wood decking probably had at least one area where it didn't get enough sun to dry it out completely after each rain. Those are the areas where moss and algae can begin to grow. Real wood decking can create the perfect conditions for expedited moss and algae growth because it is a natural material — it traps both moisture and dirt so that the spores have the conditions that they need to root, grow and spread.

With composite decking, there will be no trapped moisture or dirt to help the growth process along. You won't have to deal with green decking anymore — unless you choose the color green when selecting the decking materials.

Reduces Splintering

Nothing stops you in your tracks like getting a splitter in the bottom of your foot. This can be especially bad if you're carrying a plate of hot steaks from the grill. As the wood deck ages, it will begin to splinter. This is from everyday wear and tear, damage from the sun, and all of the times that you've had to pressure wash it to keep it clean.

With composite decking, there will be no splintering. No matter how long it cooks in the sun or how many times it's pressure washed, you will not get a splinter from composite decking.

Makes Yearly Cleaning and Sealing Easier

Who has the time to spend each spring and fall cleaning and sealing their deck? Some people are fortunate to only have to clean and seal their decks once each year, but as the deck ages, the cleanings will become necessary more and more often.

With composite decking, you won't have to spend all of that time cleaning and sealing the decking. Yes, it could use a pressure washing every now and then just to keep it clean, but even if you just hosed it down, it'd stay in pretty clean condition.

Talk with a composite decking professional near you. He or she will help you decide if it's the right product to refinish your deck with.